Tuberculosis Control Program


The Tuberculosis Control Program provides free services for clients with suspected or confirmed tuberculosis (TB) disease. All confirmed TB cases in Baltimore City are referred to the TB program for treatment. The TB program also provides Tuberculin skin tests (TST) for all people identified as having come into contact with a person with a confirmed case of TB.

Baltimore City residents requiring a TST for employment or school also receive this service at no cost. Every suspected and confirmed case receives directly observed medication administration, nurse case management services, and contact investigations. The program reports the results of its monitoring and surveillance activities to the CDC and Maryland DHMH, and administers TB therapy to immigrants and refugees with positive TB screening. TB screening, education, outreach and guidance about TB are also continually provided to health care facilities, medical providers, homeless shelters and service providers, and community organizations.


  • Tuberculin skin tests
  • Screening and physician evaluation for TB (Chest X-Rays, blood test and other laboratory tests)
  • Medication for the treatment and prevention of TB
  • Nurse case management
  • Contact investigations and disease control activities
  • Directly Observed Therapy and Directly Observed Preventative Therapy for TB
  • TB health education and prevention


All services are free.