School Health

School Health


The School Health Specialized Support Services provide school health services in every Baltimore City public school.  In addition, the program administers 11 school-based health centers, which offer primary health care, health education, and mental health care. Substance abuse services are available at eleven sites.

Directions for Completion of School Health Forms

Locations and Contact Information for School-Based Health Centers and Administration

What do I need to do to make sure that my child has the immunizations necessary to enroll in school?

More Frequently Asked Questions about School Immunization Requirements

Directions for Completion of School Health Forms

Some students require medication and or medical treatments while they are in school. Health staff are available in school to provide this service. In order to provide this service, the appropriate form must be completed and signed by the student’s medical provider and the parent/guardian. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to provide the medication and treatment supplies. Medication and treatment administration will be performed according to standard nursing practice. New forms need to be completed every school year.


  • Click on the appropriate health form on the right-hand side of this page.
  • The student’s medical provider must complete the all of the appropriate sections and sign the form.
  • The parent/guardian must complete the appropriate sections, sign the form and return the form to the health suite.
  • Medication and treatment supplies are to be brought to the health suite by the parent/guardian.
  • If you have any questions, please call the student’s school and ask for the health suite staff.


Services are provided in 192 health suites serving 206 Baltimore City public schools. As of September 2011, the Baltimore City Health Department sponsors 11 School Based Health Centers. School-based locations are listed below.

Patterson High School, #405

  • 100 Kane Street
  • Baltimore, Maryland 21224

Dunbar Senior High School, #414

  • 1400 Orleans Street
  • Baltimore, Maryland 21231

Digital Harbor High, #416

  • 1100 Covington Street
  • Baltimore, Maryland 21230

Heritage High, #425 / Reach Middle/High School, #341

  • 2801 St. Lo Drive
  • Baltimore, Maryland 21213

Southside Academy, #181/ New Era Academy SBHC, #422

  • 2700 Seamon Avenue
  • Baltimore, Maryland 21225

Baltimore Talent Development, #428 / Augustus Fells Savage, #430

  • 1500 Harlem Avenue
  • Baltimore, Maryland 21217

KIPP: Ujima Village, #324 / M.A.T.H.S. Academies, #331

  • 4701 Greenspring Avenue
  • Baltimore, Maryland 21209

Baltimore Freedom Academy, #423

  • 1601 E. Lombard Street
  • Baltimore, Maryland 21231

William S. Baer School, #301

  • 2001 N. Warwick Avenue
  • Baltimore, Maryland 21216

Carter G. Woodson K-8, #160

  • 2501 Seabury Road
  • Baltimore, Maryland 21225

City Springs School, #8

  • 100 South Caroline Street
  • Baltimore, Maryland 21231

What do I need to do to make sure that my child has the immunizations necessary to enroll in school?

All children need to have an up-to-date copy of immunization records to be enrolled in, and to attend, school. If your child’s immunizations need to be updated and you can bring written proof of an appointment within 20 days to obtain the immunizations, you may temporarily enroll your child pending receipt of the required immunizations. Your doctor or health clinic can provide the DHMH 896 Form, or a computer-generated form, for you to take to the school. [DHMH 896 FORM – PDF]

More Frequently Asked Questions about School Immunization Requirements [PDF]