Revamped Baltimore County Farmers Market Continues to Deliver Healthy Local Goods

Despite a spat of soggy weather on June 1st, the annual Baltimore County Farmers Market opened without delay, successfully connecting local farmers with the general public for the seventh year straight at the Maryland State Fairgrounds. Originally starting out as a string of modest produce display stands at the state fair, the Baltimore County Farmers Market has since grown larger and larger every year due to an overwhelming abundance of positive reception and public acclaim. This year, the 2016 Baltimore County Farmers Market will tantalize local taste buds with a plethora of in-season goodies freshly picked from 10 of the state’s best nearby farms.


During the month of June, attendees can expect to choose from luscious red strawberries, long stalks of sturdy asparagus, leafy green spinach, crunchy lettuce and delectably sweet spring onions. In addition to tasty fruits and produce, there will also be a wide variety of high quality meats, grade-A milk, eggs laden with “good” cholesterol, and wild flowers to promote a healthy lifestyle that’s full of festive cheer. The delicious menu items will continuously change with the seasons right up until the last day of the market, October 26th.


In addition to all of the healthy and nutritious fresh farm goods, return visitors will notice a number of upgrades from last year’s event, including the market’s improved hours and whole new look. The market is now much closer to the state fair for even easier access – which means an even shorter trip back to your vehicle – and the parking is absolutely free. Best of all, shoppers will now be able to peruse the market for a full two hours longer than ever before. The Baltimore County Farmers Market opens at 10 a.m. now, long before the state fair begins at noon!


This year offers new farmhands in addition to old favorites. The Hills Forest Fruit Farm, for example, run by the Dilworth Family, has provided quality fruits and vegetables throughout the Chesapeake Region for generations, and has been participating in the Baltimore County Farmers Market since the first day. Other major players include the One Straw Farm, one of the biggest Food Alliance Certified (FAC) vegetable and pork suppliers in all of Maryland, who normally limits their quality goods to Maryland restaurants or grocery chains. From June to October, however, Baltimore County residents are added to the exclusive list of purveyors.


If it is farm-fresh eggs you are after, Warns Produce has the best cage-free brown eggs laid by free-roam chickens in all of Freeland, Maryland. They also specialize in spring time strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, apples, peaches, full cantaloupes, watermelons, and plenty of other summery produce.


Unlike grocery stores, frequenters at the Baltimore County Farmers Market enjoy being able to speak directly with the people who actually growing the food they eat. They remark that the market creates a friendly atmosphere that is conducive towards creating strong relationships between the farmer and the consumer. If a person has a question about the product, they can receive an expert answer immediately, as opposed to slogging through a series of grocery store hotlines or customer support technicians.


The public is invited to attend the market from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Wednesday from early June until October 26th. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) Stamps will be accepted.


Participants proudly exclaim that most of their goods are picked the evening before the market opens, meaning that by the time the customers come filing in, they can rest assured that they are consuming goods that have been largely picked less than 24 hours prior. When it comes to fruits and vegetables straight from the ground to your plate, the Baltimore County Farmers Market does not get any fresher.      



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