Maternal and Infant Care Program


The Maternal and Infant (M&I) Care Program provides home visiting and case management services to pregnant women and infants in Baltimore City in order to improve maternal health, birth and infant outcomes. Services are provided by community health nurses, social workers and community outreach workers.


Referrals to the M&I Care Program are made primarily by prenatal care and pediatric providers and hospitals; self-referrals can also be made. Referrals are sent to Baltimore Health Care Access which, in turn, contacts all referred women to conduct an assessment of needs. Those meeting certain risk criteria will be referred to M&I Care for enrollment into the program; those not meeting the risk criteria are referred to other appropriate services. M&I Nursing Program services are provided only to Baltimore City residents and are free of charge.


  • assistance with making and keeping prenatal care and pediatric appointments
  • care coordination with medical providers
  • guidance and support throughout the pregnancy and infancy
  • parenting assistance and child development guidance
  • family planning education, counseling and services
  • screening and treatment referrals for sexually transmitted infections
  • referrals to other needed services