Healthy Teens and Young Adults


10/20/10. Download A Strategic Plan to Reduce Teen Births in Baltimore City (pdf)

Teen birth rates in Baltimore are among the highest in the nation. Recommendations in this plan to significantly reduce these rates include: increased access to comprehensive sex education and contraceptive services for youth; educating youth about the availability of services and what it really means to be a teen parent; expanding school based or school linked clinical services; identifying a lead agency to implement the plan; and involving youth and community leaders at every step. [Read the 9/17/10 Press Release]


The Healthy Teens and Young Adults clinic provides specialized medical services to individuals 10-24 years of age, including reproductive health, family planning, health education services, and mental health screening and referral.


  • Routine gynecological (GYN) care
  • MMR immunizations
  • Pap smear (cervical cancer screening)
  • Mental health screening and referrals
  • STD screening and treatment
  • Health education and outreach
  • HIV testing and counseling
  • Special programs for young men
  • Pregnancy tests and referrals
  • Individual and group family counseling and health
  • Breast exams
  • Education workshops
  • Birth control (including Norplant)
  • Enrichment workshops and community presentations.
  • Cost: Clients are charged on a sliding scale.