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Health Clinics & Services

The Baltimore City Health Department offers and oversees services for: sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, family planning, maternal and infant health, immunizations, asthma, senior care, cancer screening, and lead poisoning prevention services, among others.

All Clinics

STD clinic
Family Planning & Reproductive Health
Healthy Teens & Young Adults
Men’s Health Center
TB Clinic
Dental clinic

Services by Disease

Sexually Transmitted Infections:

STD Program
Direct Observed Therapy Program

Substance Abuse:

Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems
Needle Exchange Program
Staying Alive Overdose Prevention

Mental Health:

Baltimore Mental Health Systems


Office of Youth Violence Prevention


Immunization Program

Lead Poisoning:

Lead Poisoning Prevention



Cardiovascular Diseases:

The Health Disparities Initiative seeks to reduce health disparities, primarily around cardiovascular diseases.


Cancer screening is available at Family Planning and Oral Health Services. Services to help individuals quit smoking are available at our Tobacco Programs.


Asthma Program

Services by Who We Serve


WIC: Women, Infants & Children: Get WIC for your child or yourself
Maternal & Infant Nursing: Home-visiting and case management for women and infants.
Healthy Start: Working to reduce infant mortality in Baltimore
Immunization Program: Get help with immunizations.
Baltimore Infants & Toddlers: Serving infants and toddlers with special needs and developmental delays.
B’more for Healthy Babies: Learn how to put your baby to sleep.


Immunization Program: Find out how to get your child fully immunized.
Asthma Program: Helping children with severe asthma.
Reach Out and Read: Working with physicians to get books into the hands of kids.
School Health: Serving children in Baltimore City Public Schools.
Child and Adult Care Food Program: Get a nutrition supplement for the children in your daycare.
Health Care Access: Helping families access Maryland’s Children Health Program.
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention: Helping reduce and prevent lead poisoning.


Healthy Teens/Young Adults Family planning, reproductive health and mental health screening to people between 10 and 24 years of age.
Operation Safe Kids: Case-management for youth at risk of becoming victims or perpetrators of violence.


Family Planning & Reproductive Health:
Get family planning and other services for yourself or your partner.
Men’s Health Center: Get a check up or other services at the Men’s Health Center.


Family Planning: Get screened for cervical cancer, obtain family planning services, or take a pregnancy test.
WIC: Women, Infants & Children: Get a nutrition supplement from WIC for yourself or your child.
Maternal and Infant Nursing: Working to reduce infant mortality in Baltimore.


Retired Senior Volunteer Program: Volunteer in a community or government agency.
Senior Companion Program: Provides companionship for seniors and individuals with disabilities.
Senior Community Service Employment Program: Provides training for unemployed