Direct Observed Therapy


The mission of the HIV Direct Observed Therapy Program (DOT) is to promote and increase treatment adherence among persons living with HIV/AIDS by managing the participants’ medication and observing the participants when they take their medications according to their treatment regimen. DOT also strives to increase attendance at physician visits among participants; this focus is based on the understanding that regular, consistent physician visits will promote better health status for the participant.

The Direct Observed Therapy Program delivers medications to its participants six days a week. DOT also educates participants about the effects of their medication and the benefits of complying with their treatment regimens. In addition, DOT works with providers to ensure that DOT participants have a strong relationship with their medical home.


The HIV Direct Observed Therapy Program accepts referrals from clinics that identify persons living with HIV/AIDS who may have difficulties adhering to their treatment regimen and keeping their medical appointments. All DOT participants must reside within the city limits and must be enrolled in an adherence program at the clinic making the referral. Referrals from clinics without a formal adherence program will be accepted on a case-by-case basis with the stipulation that routine adherence assessment and education be conducted by clinic staff.

The main goal of the DOT program is to help patients become as self-sufficiently adherent as possible by developing their skills and connecting them with available resources. As such, participation in the DOT program should be seen as an extension of adherence activities on-going in the clinic.

The DOT medical directors are Dr. Joyce Jones, who can be reached at 410-396-0176, and Maunank Shah. If you are a healthcare provider who would like to refer a patient for Direct Observed Therapy, please call the program: (443) 865-1226, or (410) 396-9413.