Baltimore County Offers Financial Incentives for Working at Northwest Hospital

LifeBridge Health employees who purchase a home near Northwest Hospital in Randallstown can receive reimbursements for closing costs of up to $5 thousand under a government program called “Live Near Your Work”. These reimbursements are split between Baltimore County and the LifeBridge Health network, who hope to reinvigorate the surrounding areas of Northwest Hospital.


The program, sponsored by the health system and Baltimore County, plans to entice people specifically to neighborhoods that have experienced an increase in foreclosures in recent years. These communities include Stevensonwood, Courtleigh, Green Lane, Fieldstone, Lochearn, Gwynn Oak and Colonial Village.


Kevin Kamenetz, the Baltimore County Executive, explains that “Live Near Your Work is a Baltimore County partnership with LifeBridge Health, the largest employer in the Liberty Road area,” adding that “by providing buyer incentives in communities near Northwest Hospital, we are encouraging LifeBridge employees to invest in the neighborhoods near their workplace.”


This is the latest list of Kamenetz-lead projects aimed at reforming downtrodden Baltimore County areas, including the steel mill and shipyard at Sparrows Point, and the many crumbling and dilapidated schools throughout the district.


The financial rewards for LifeBridge Health employees start from $1 thousand and go all the way up to $5 thousand. Aside from being a LifeBridge employee, homebuyers must put down at least $1 thousand of their own money towards the property, use the home as their principal address, and not exceed a predetermined household income.


In order to receive the maximum $5 thousand, employees must purchase a property in one of four “priority neighborhoods” that are within closest proximities to the Northwest Hospital. $3 thousand will go towards employees who move to three “priority neighborhoods” that are slightly farther away, and $1 thousand will go towards a home purchased in the “general geographic area of Northwest and Sinai Hospitals”.


Besides saving money on their initial purchase, employees can choose to buy homes closer to Northwest Hospital so that they can become more involved in the community they serve, shorten their commute to work, be late to work less often, and be readily available for overtime opportunities or in the case of a local emergency. The program provides helpful workshops along with guided walking tours so that employees can become familiar and excited about their new living opportunities.


For years, LifeBridge Health has continuously provided reliable health-related services to the citizens of northwest Baltimore, including wellness and fitness programs, educational demonstrations, and other public services. The LifeBridge Health network is composed of more than a half-dozen active community centers and hospitals, including the Northwest Hospital.


First established in 1962 as the Liberty Court Rehabilitation Center and later becoming the Baltimore County General Hospital in 1963, the Northwest Hospital is a non-profit organization committed to caring for the people of Baltimore County. It has two dozen departments, from anesthesiology to psychiatry, and follows the Friesen concept, which strives to provide personalized comfort in a private setting so that the patient can fully heal. All 254 beds belong in closed-off, personalized rooms so that the patient may focus and rest with minimal disturbances. There are no nursing stations – instead, supplies, medications and charts are all within a close distance from each patient so as to cut down on waiting times.


Officials say that LifeBridge Health employees who are looking to make the move should not hesitate to apply immediately. Grants are available for a limited time only and can be discontinued without further notice. As such, there is no guarantee as to when this service will be made available again, so if you are interested, now is the time to call the LifeBridge Employee Services at (410) 601-8000 and enroll today.

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