Animal Protection & Safety

Animal Protection and Safety


There are two entities that provide animal protection in the city:

  1. The Animal Control Program. This is a health department program, whose mission is to enforce city and state codes, rules, and regulations and to investigate animal neglect and cruelty cases for the purpose of protecting the health and safety of Baltimore’s human and animal residents.
  2. The Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Inc. (BARCS). BARCS is a non-profit organization that oversees the operation of the city animal shelter. The organization’s mission is to protect animals from neglect, abuse and exploitation; to advocate for their interests and welfare; and to inspire awareness and compassion for all living things.

How Do I Report an Animal Problem?

There are two ways to report an animal problem:


  • Call 311. Once you call 311, an animal enforcement officer will be dispatched to investigate the complaint. Calls are prioritized according to safety issues and emergencies. If you have already reported your concern to 311 and are still in need of further assistance, please contact an animal control officer supervisor by calling (410) 396-4688.
  • Report a problem online. You will be given a service request number. Please keep that number to check in on your request!